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A Typical Session

What to expect

My clients meet with me weekly over video conferencing for 12 sessions. 
Your first session is 90 minutes long as we look really closely at where you are currently at in your life and where you want to go so you can get clarity and establish intentions and goals to get you there. Every session after that is 60 minutes long. 
I usually begin sessions with a short, comfortable meditation to calm and ground ourselves. This also offers connection and the optimal space for us to to work together that day.
From there we dive into your session. The coaching program is unique to you and we can go through the 4 cornerstones in any order and move faster or slower through some and often revisit certain ones as needed.
Along the way we celebrate your wins, address your challenges and obstacles, or anything that is showing up for you at the moment.
And we stay the course, knowing that JOY, purpose, and meaning is your guiding light.  
What you experience in our session is valuable and it is equally, if not more, important to integrate your new insights and perspective shifts into your time outside of our session. So we typically conclude our session by co-creating home practices for you to focus on for the week. These can be big or small shifts that allow you to bring more intention and conscious awareness into your life. 
It is an honor to sit beside my clients and support them along their journey to creating more purpose, meaning, and joy in their life. It is beautiful seeing people show up for themselves and commit to their overall well-being, knowing that positive changes don’t end up them, rather they ripple out to their family, friends, neighbors, communities, and beyond.
It is amazing to witness a clients insights (I love a good ah ha moment!), challenges (of course they happen, we are human after all!), celebrations (we always have lots of those!) and to see how all their small subtle shifts along the way add up to BIG transformations. 

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