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Mantra Meditation

In this mini-course, you will learn the basics of meditation and create a simple + easy practice that you can use at home or on-the-go. Meditation is a fundamental pillar of our well-being and is vital to anyone’s self-care routine. A regular and consistent practice has the power to transform your life. Get ready to enjoy all the immediate and long-term benefits that come along with this course.

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Covered In This Course...

Find out what “good vibes” really means, what it has to do with mantras and why a meditation practice is the most important element for our self-care.

Learn how meditation works and the benefits you receive each time you meditate.

Discover what happens to you physiologically when you experience chronic perceived threats (stress).

Learn how meditation breaks you free from your repetitive thoughts and self-limiting beliefs and paves the way for infinite possibilities.

Practical tips so you feel comfortable and confident meditating. 

Experience a guided meditation that will form the foundation of your practice.

Take a closer look at other elements of the So Hum meditation and common experiences every meditator shares.

When you have completed all the lessons, you will be ready to continue your meditation at home or anywhere you go. You’ll also know how to tell if you are meditating correctly.

Learn how you can continue to create a life of optimal well-being that is sustainable and practical. 

Ideas and inspirations to empower you to create your own nourishing + cozy meditation space that you love to be in everyday. 


a downloadable journal with questions for you to reflect on your experience. Taking time to write about key points in each lesson is a supportive activity as you journey into a new meditation practice. 

What People Have To Say

Christina Nama
Christina Nama
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"In the past I've been exposed to meditation and know its benefits in all areas of life, but had a hard time finding the time. When I found the time, I also had a hard time quieting my mind. Meg's Mantra Meditation made it easy to redirect my thoughts and find the "cleared mind" state. I tend to overthink things and wait for the perfect time to do something perfectly. Meg helped me to realize it's not "all or nothing". I can ease into a practice that fits my life. Just because I don't start off twice a day for the suggested amount of time, doesn't mean I can't start. I was able to schedule what worked for my schedule with the intention of increasing as I'm able."
Zoe Hardbarger
Zoe Hardbarger
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"“The mantra meditation class really helped me feel more secure in my meditation practice. It taught me a new way to meditate that I really needed. I have meditated on and off for 4 years. I have picked up tricks of my own that managed to help me until I found something that would really secure my meditation practice more. This class gave me that tool that I really needed to push off and be happier with my meditations and my life. Meg Edwards does a fantastic job of explaining and teaching meditation. If you are able to please take this class, do it! It is honestly a great course for anyone wanting to learn about meditation. Whether it be one of the first styles of meditation you learn, or the 20th, this class will help you learn something new and will hopefully help you feel more comfortable and happier."
Sarah H.
Sarah H.
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"It’s just the right amount of info to learn without feeling overwhelmed. The lengths of the videos are good. It is easy to find time to listen and stay focused and the handouts to supplement are useful and helpful."

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