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What's the purpose of the Joy Challenge?

The challenge is designed to help you create more joy in your life based on the knowledge that 1) joy is your natural state of being, and 2) joy is available to you right now.

Who is the Joy Challenge for?

The Joy Challenge is for you or anyone who wants to add more fun and inspiration to their life. It is especially for anyone who has ever delayed their happiness for any reason (I just recently heard someone say they’ll be happy AFTER they retire) or thought that joy and happiness was for someone else (it’s not!).

How will I find out what my challenge is each day?

Every day for 7 days you will receive an email with the day’s challenge delivered to your inbox.

Are the challenges difficult?

The challenges are intended to be very accessible to everyone. Simple, no cost, and enJOYable. 

What if I get behind and miss a day?

These challenges will arrive to you daily, but if you miss a day (or 2) just pick up and rejoin the challenge wherever you left off.

Do the challenges have to be completed in order?

Nope. And that takes the pressure off missing a day. Ex: If you miss Day 4, you can move onto Day 5 and come back to Day 4 at the end if you wish.

Can I spend more than a day on each challenge?

Absolutely! You are welcome to spend more than a day on each one… you could take a few days or an entire week on just one challenge. You can think of it as the 21-day challenge, or the 7-week challenge. 

What if I fail the challenge?

There’s no such thing as failure in the Joy Challenge! This is just you showing up with the intention to bring joy into your life the best way you can, in a way that is right for you. No need for perfection or doing it “correctly”, just a willingness to have a little fun and make joy more of a priority in your life. 

Find more joy every day

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