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Being You in the New Year

Hi there!

I'm Meg.

A Well-being Life Coach for successful women who want to eliminate drain and burnout and figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. I help women like you gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence and create a more joyous life and optimal well-being.

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I heard the week between Christmas and New Year called “The Void” and thought it was pretty accurate. It is a distinct time where we are in between something that feels important that is ending and something that feels important beginning. Because of this there can be a lot of noise, but also a desire for clarity and even transformation… as if something better lies ahead for you. We can often get lured into the idea of “New Year, New You”, but positive change doesn’t mean reinventing yourself. It is about remembering your true self and harnessing your inherent ability for creativity, meaning, and joy.

Recently, one of my clients said that working with me helped her “embrace the natural remembering” of who she is. And that it gave her “permission to make choices from her true self”. The acceptance and compassion for oneself is part of our life work towards wholeness. Recognizing self-judgment and the inner critic can be frustrating if you don’t have the tools to navigate negative emotions, yet it is an essential aspect of caring for yourself.

This year I launched a 7-day Joy Challenge, and in it, I addressed the yin and yang of life and how along with feeling happy we also feel the sad. That’s okay and natural because we are humans who are meant to experience the full range of emotions. We are kicking the toxic trope of “Good Vibes Only” to the curb and not forcing positivity because denying the yucky feelings doesn’t make them go away. When we accept them, we are just letting them be. Only then do we have the power to change them… and that’s where creating upward spirals of joy comes in. And little by little, transformation happens.

If you are thinking there is something you want to change in your life, then YES – go for it! And use your natural abilities, quirks, talents, values, and inherit ways of being to leverage what you want. Lean into acceptance and remembering who you are really despite all the noise and chatter. It is so much easier and true than denying what is and reinventing yourself.

So let’s agree to refute this image of “New Year, New You” and embrace who you already are. And if there is change you would like to make in your life, I encourage you to ask yourself how you would like to feel in 2023. How do you want to feel about yourself when waking up on an ordinary Friday morning? How do you want to feel about your work, your relationships? How do you want to feel a year from now as you reach “The Void” week in 2023?

Getting clear on what you really want helps you avoid the trap of setting goals for things that don’t really matter. This may explain previous failed attempts you have made towards change. It wasn’t because you lacked willpower or determination but rather they were goals that felt like a chore and didn’t connect you to a higher meaning or desire. Spend the next few days getting clear on what will excite you, bring you joy, and inspire a sense of possibility. Focus on hope and optimism, not obligation. Then when you are ready, there’s a few ways we can work together in 2023.

1:1 Coaching

I will provide individual personalized support for you and hold you accountable as you move towards the things you want to make happen. Along the way, I use ancient healing methods like Ayurveda and meditation as well as modern science (brain science and positive psychology) to give you resources, knowledge, and tools to elevate your well-being. If this is something you have been thinking about and you’re ready, we can schedule a time to talk: Activate Your Well-being

Mantra Meditation

Having a consistent and regular meditation practice is one of the greatest tools available to you to reduce stress, find peace, pause the chaos, and enhance your well-being. This was certainly true for me! It eliminated my anxiety, improved my relationships, and connects me with peace and clarity every single day. Meditation is a key tool to helping you connect with your true self so you can remember what really matters to you and get inspiration on your best next action stops, as well as SO MANY other benefits.

This online self-paced mini class gives you the basics you need to start your own meditation practice. Meditation that doesn’t require an app, is simple, accessible, and one you can take with you anywhere you go. No fancy equipment required. I’m all about ease and freedom (and joy!), and this meditation delivers on all three: Meditation mini-class

The free 7-day Joy Challenge

Speaking of joy, if you haven’t signed up for it yet, I encourage you to do so today! It is totally free and I will send you 7 emails with simple, accessible, no cost ways to help you activate more light and joy in your life. Joy is another key aspect to elevating well-being. Decades of research has shown that prioritizing joy allows us to achieve our goals more quickly and effectively, improves our relationships, and increases our capacity for empathy and compassion. Joyful people have fewer colds and are less likely to have a heart attack, thank you very much. Experiencing joy boosts our immune system and helps us reduce stress and pain. And are you ready for this? Joy helps improve our odds of living a longer life. Joy is a pretty big deal. There is so much unpredictability in life and we only have the present moment, so why not focus on finding joy right now? Sign up here: Joy Challenge

So, there you have it – the ways we can work together. After the last few years, it really feels like we need to start making our well-being a priority, and I know I can help you do just that!

I look forward to supporting you in 2023.

Photo by Marisol Benitez on Unsplash

Hi there!

I'm Meg.

A Well-being Life Coach for successful women who want to eliminate drain and burnout and figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. I help women like you gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence and create a more joyous life and optimal well-being.

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