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Perfect Health:

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Workshop

The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program is a program of daily wellness founded on the 5,000 year-old healing system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda states that health is not just the absence of disease; it is physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program teaches students a powerful regimen of our Ayurvedic practices and techniques designed to:

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    6 week class series meets online once a week.

    $595 per class series. Each class is approximately 2.5 hours a week (time varies based on class size and questions)

    Class 1
    Introduction to Meditation and Pranayama

    Learn basic breathwork and meditation practices designed to reverse the stress response and access higher levels of happiness, joy and contentment.

    Class 2
    Introduction to Ayurveda.

    Discover the principles of Ayurveda and explore your mind-body type, known as doshas.

    Class 3
    Ayurvedic Nutrition

    Cultivate health and well-being with digestion, 6 tastes, eating to balance dosha type and eating
    with awareness.

    Class 4
    Emotional Freedom

    Cultivate emotional well-being; explore happiness, emotional needs, the 7 biological responses, conscious communication and emotional clearing techniques.

    Class 5
    Inner Pharmacy

    Learn how to tap into the healing power of the 5 senses and create your own personalized well-being toolkit.

    Class 6
    Ayurvedic Daily Routines

    Develop self-care practices using your own inner-healing ability.

    About class series

    Each class combines interactive exercises to illustrate and practice the ideas and concepts we will explore. It is very informational, and you can expect to learn and be guided in how to create health through a natural, healthy lifestyle using your own inner healing ability. There will be meditations, visualizations, opportunities to reflect and journal and ultimately create your personalized mental, emotional, and physical health plan. All designed to bring you back into balance through daily self-care practices and routines.

    All you need for the classes are:

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