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Well-Being Life Coaching vs. Therapy

The differences between the two...

As a Well-being Life Coach, I will help you pave the way toward future goals.
Therapists specialize in helping us heal our past.
I will guide you towards the goodness that is already in you and help you deepen your trust of your own innate wisdom to know yourself.

I will support you to achieve sustainable change in one or more areas that you want to change so that you can find the purpose, meaning, and joy that you desire in your life. 

I won’t be diagnosing or treating any psychological or physical health conditions, but I can offer information on my expertise in meditation, Ayurveda, mindfulness, and psychology when appropriate.

I won’t be showing up as the teacher who holds all the knowledge and knows more about you then you know about yourself.  

I won’t be creating a plan for you to follow.

I will guide you and help you discover your own answers and intentions and make a plan so that you are empowered to achieve the outcome you want. The power is in your hands. 

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