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Hi there!

I'm Meg.

A Well-being Life Coach for successful women who want to eliminate drain and burnout and figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. I help women like you gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence and create a more joyous life and optimal well-being.

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So, here’s the thing…most of us go to bed every night hoping that the next day will bring lots of pleasant experiences. We want to wake up and be happy and have a good day because that’s what we are really after …to feel good. 

To enjoy our day

To make our own decisions about what we do and how we spend our time

To have peace, contentment, and of course freedom from the drain and drama of the day!

And yet we sabotage ourselves before we get started because of all the demands on our time and energy that causes drain, burn out, procrastination, overthinking, and guilt (especially if we spend any time on ourselves). In this endless cycle we often have even forgotten what it feels like to have fun. 

This was absolutely true for me. 


In my former career, I always found a way to keep myself in work mode with little to no thought of well-being mode (“What’s that?” I might have thought). 

And work was WORK. There was little joy and fulfillment found there for me, instead I felt a whole lot of burn out. I would roll out of bed and start my day with the list of things that needed to be done. 

A low level of anxiety coursed through my body and all around my thoughts and feelings. 

You too may be a successful woman, who followed the “rules” and did all the things (college, career, family) that you were told would “make you happy”, and now you have realized that your perceived “perfect life” and achievements in life do not bring you the fulfillment you thought they would. 

It’s not just you. We all have been conditioned to believe that the next thing around the corner is what will finally be the thing that makes all the hard work pay off. Only to find that over and over again that it is not the thing that will bring us happiness. 

If you have the thought, “I’ll be happy when…(insert: new job, losing 10 pounds, getting the Mercedes, buying the dream home, making the 6 figure salary… you get the idea)”, you’re likely struggling with feeling exhausted, unhappy, disappointed, and disillusioned. 

Do any of these sound like you?

A stressed-out professional wondering if there’s something more to life
A person who would like more peace and to be less reactive with their family
A desire to feel fulfilled, energized, and inspired… in other words, fully connected to your true self
Wanting a holistic approach to health and healing
Drained from the thought and energy of what’s wrong with your life
Want more vitality and energy, more life in your life
Looking to be more “fit”, not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

If so, then now is a good time for Well-being Life Coaching. 


Today, all the stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and drain has completely changed for me. I learned tools like mindfulness to balance out my anxiety. Meditation that led me to my life purpose. A present moment awareness to notice the things I really loved and that supported and nurtured me. Ayurveda and the 6 pillars of health to transform my physical body and pave a way to a clearer mind. Conscious communication to get my needs met. And emotional freedom to move difficult feelings through me so they don’t get stuck and cause a literal pain in my back or digestive issues. 

I’ve crafted a life I love. I don’t need a happy hour as a reward for getting through the day. I have a sense of purpose, and meaning, and delights of joy throughout my day. I no longer rely on something outside of my control being a certain way in order for me to be happy. I leveled up my well-being to thriving mode.

As a Well-being Life Coach women hire me so that they may: 

reduce stress and anxiety and gain tools to experience more peace and calm 
gain a deeper understanding of self and others 
reconnect with their true self and what it is they really want 
increase their ability to respond consciously to the demands of life 
recognize blocks, judgments, and limiting beliefs so they can get the results they want
realign with their sense of purpose and utilize their gifts and talents
build a supportive routine to ensure they are leveraging their energy, creativity, innate healing ability, and best health
cultivate better relationships and increase self-compassion
view life through a more expanded and optimistic lens

I use coaching along with positive psychology, mindful awareness, meditation, and Ayurvedic lifestyle to guide my clients through my signature “Your Well-being Coaching Program” to find clarity, balance, peace, and confidence. This program is personalized and designed to elevate your overall well-being: mind, body, and spirit. In the program they move from surviving to thriving.

For me enhancing my well-being has impacted the way I show up in my life and so naturally those around me benefit as well. But I’ve gotta tell you, it didn’t happen without me really having the courage to look at the areas that were keeping me locked in self-sabotage. 

The great news is that once I did, my life started to shift really quickly without me having to work harder to get through my to-do list for the day. My first step was getting clear on what it is I wanted and where I’m sabotaging myself and holding my life back.

My clients want a holistic approach to healing and thriving as they navigate through change and seek greater fulfillment in their lives.

If you want to bring more calm, peace, harmony, creativity, purpose, and happiness into your life, then you are in the right place.

Let’s work together to begin your well-being journey towards transforming what you believe is possible and taking steps to make it a reality.

I invite you to schedule a free connection call to find out how Well-being Life Coaching can help you thrive, because you deserve to feel good.

Hi there!

I'm Meg.

A Well-being Life Coach for successful women who want to eliminate drain and burnout and figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. I help women like you gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence and create a more joyous life and optimal well-being.

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