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Dream Big & Find Your Joy In This New Year

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I'm Meg.

A Well-being Life Coach for successful women who want to eliminate drain and burnout and figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. I help women like you gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence and create a more joyous life and optimal well-being.

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Happy New Year! 

I hope you are experiencing some ease, lightness and finding your joy as we’re moving into 2024.

There’s so much potential in a new year! However, all of the possibilities, the projects and new goals can also feel like a lot of pressure. We know that we want to be taking care of ourselves and feeling good, but figuring out where to start can leave us feeling stuck or even overwhelmed and unsure about how to start taking joyful action. And, that’s when something that we all know all too well—procrastination—can set in. 

But your 2024 is going to unfold somehow and in some way, so why not find your joy and dream up something good for yourself? Perhaps something that feels exciting, inspiring and motivating? 

I often find that, as women, we don’t let ourselves dream big enough. You might not even be sure how to dream, especially if you feel stuck or like you’ve reached a plateau. Or, it might be that you don’t know what’s next. Maybe you feel a sense of comparison or envy other women and/or families and worry that you don’t have the ability or capacity to achieve what they have. It could even be that you feel like it’s too late in your life to dream big so you’ve stopped trying.  

It’s these kinds of thoughts, which are very common, that can hold you back, squash feelings of excitement and motivation and keep you feeling stuck and/or unsure of which direction to take, especially if you’re at a crossroads in your life. However, no matter where you are at, there are ways—even super simple ones—to start dreaming those dreams and find your joy. 

Something to ponder…

To strengthen your capacity for dreaming and envisioning what you want, consider this…

What if your ceiling of 2023 is your floor (your ground base to build up from) in 2024? In other words, what if your biggest win from last year becomes just an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in 2024? 

How would that feel, and what could be possible for you then?

Something to lighten you up…

My invitation to you is to gift yourself some time today to reflect on what your life currently looks and feels like.  I suggest finding a comfortable place to write and spending 10 minutes of uninterrupted time (or more if you have it) to journal.  

Make a list of the things you have achieved, the people that make your life worthwhile, and the good things that add value to your life today. Then make a second list, jotting down any and everything you can think (both big and small) that would add even more joy to your life. 

Then (without editing!), identify as many positive things as you can and stop after another 10 minutes.

Notice how you feel. Is there anything particular on your lists that really lights you up?

Something to help you find your joy… 

There are a lot of fun and easy paths to achieving your dreams—likely way more than you realize right now!  Believing there is only one way to feel joyful and realize dreams is a perfectionistic joy zapper, and simply not true. There are many different paths to the same destination, and how we get to those places looks different for every woman.

Your path forward into this new year can be full of joy. It’s up to you to make an intentional choice about how you pursue your dreams, rather than letting life just happen to you.

I always advise the clients I work with to start small, and that applies to dreams too.

Small things can infuse joy into your daily life and create some excitement as you travel toward your dreams. Maybe you purchase a dream piece of clothing that you’ve wanted for a long time. Or maybe splurge on one item that you’d want in a dream home renovation. You could reach out to other women and ask them if they’ve done anything that has helped to spark fresh joy in their lives. You could even look at images in Pinterest that heighten your excitement, spark inspiration and maybe even create a little motivation.

The idea here is to let yourself have some fun along your journey. Joy can be found in simple moments and in simple things, and there is no reason to wait to feel joyful until you reach a specific destination. 

Something to activate! 

To kick-off the new year, I started a Joyful Wellbeing Meetup Group designed for women who are dedicated to personal development and creating everyday joy. Our meetups are a wonderful way to connect with like-minded women, and we’ll cover various topics, including life coaching, space clearing, life purpose, breathing techniques, mindful eating and joyful living—to name just a few! 

The group meetings will be held online, and the first one is January 30th at 12pm MST. If you’re interested in guided meditations and engaging workshops all designed to empower you to tap into your higher self and discover lasting happiness, click here to join us!

Dreaming up new possibilities for yourself in the new year can be exciting and motivating. I encourage you to disconnect from the outside world just for a while (the to-do list can wait!) and connect to your heart to tune into what feels the most uplifting and fun for you. That’s how you’ll know you’re on the right track. 

Here’s to finding your joy!

With love,


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And, in case you need a refresher, my name is Meg Edwards, and I help stressed-out women relax and increase their capacity for joy.

Let’s chat! 

Click here to schedule a complimentary call! If you’re feeling a desire for guidance and support in your life and feel called to create a deeper sense of purpose, joy and overall well-being, I’m here to help. 

Hi there!

I'm Meg.

A Well-being Life Coach for successful women who want to eliminate drain and burnout and figure out what they really love so they can create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. I help women like you gain clarity, balance, peace, and confidence and create a more joyous life and optimal well-being.

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